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John’s gospel post 78: R.E.S.P.E.C.T

April 16, 2014

John 18: 19 – 24

So meanwhile Annas questions Jesus. Although he is Caiaphas’s father-in-law he is described as the High priest as he questions Jesus about his disciples and teaching.

John doesn’t record the answers and Jesus doesn’t intend on giving them answer. It is too late now.

“I have said all these things publicly. I have made my position clear amongst the Jews. Ask those who heard me”.

Effectively Jesus is saying they have had their chance to listen and now he has stopped talking. They knew full well what his teaching was and they had rejected him.

The reaction to his words is violent. A slapped face from one of the officials nearby.

“How dare you speak to the High Priest in that way!”

Jesus replies “Tell me if I have said something wrong”. And Annas sends Jesus back to Caiaphas. High Priest to high priest.

You see you have to know who you’re talking to. You don’t mess with the high priest. 

But the world has turned upside down, for the one who stands in front of Annas is the Word.

The Messiah.

The chosen one.

The Son of God, 

The one Moses spoke of.

The Son of Man.

The Light.

The Life.

The Way.

The truth.

The creator.

The bread of life.


The healer.

The Good Shepherd.

The Resurrection and the life.

The King of Israel.

The Vine.




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