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John’s gospel post 77: Denial

April 9, 2014

  John 18: 15 – 18

As Jesus is led away, 2 disciples follow. Peter and another. The second is not named. Perhaps this is John himself being modest.

We’re not surprised of course because Peter always said he would follow. Others may not ( and plainly 9 of the remaining 11 hadn’t!) but Peter could be relied upon. But of course don’t forget Jesus was blunt with Peter (chapter 13) – “You are going to deny you know me – three times”.

It seems John had friends in high places, as he was allowed to go further on, into the high priest’s courtyard to keep a close watch on what was happening to Jesus. Not so Peter. he had to wait outside.

Until John put a word in.

“You one of this man’s disciples as well are you?”


It takes just seconds. Is he off guard? Without even thinking? Is it a tactical ruse so that he will be allowed in?

Seconds – and he has denied knowing Jesus. I thought about this earlier today.

I don’t think I have ever denied knowing Jesus. Something to be proud of? Not for a minute! Because I am sure that time and again I have denied my faith in Jesus by my words and deeds.

I have spoken in a way no Christian should talk.

I have behaved in a way that no follower of Jesus should behave.

I have not treated people in a Christ like way.

I have backed off from expressing my faith in words or deeds when I have feared the reaction I will get.

In fact it scares me to think how many times my lips and my hands and feet have said “I don’t know Him”.

For Peter he is at least in the right place, but he gathers around the fire with the others – eyes and ears open.


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