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John’s gospel post 75: One

March 27, 2014

“One flesh, one bone,
One true religion.
One voice, one hope,
One real decision.
Wowowowo, gimme one vision, yeah” – Queen – One Vision (from the album “A Kind of Magic”)

John 17: 20 – 26

Now where were we? Oh yes a little day dream. Wouldn’t it be good if Jesus prayed for us? We need it.

Well he does!

2000 years ago!

Jesus prays for you and me.

“I’m not just praying for my disciples, but for all those who are going to believe in me through them”.

You a believer in Jesus?

Then you are in this prayer. So it is time to perk up your ears.

Jesus prays for his future disciples – the church!

And what’s his big prayer?

Unity – “that they might be one”.

Well how’s that going then? God answers prayer right? So he’ll surely answer the prayers of his Son. Right?

Apparently wrong. This seems to be Jesus’ great unanswered prayer. Hundreds of denominations of Christianity exist. It’s a confused mess which to some extent we are stuck with through a history of disagreements and differences. Some highly acrimonious. Some more “friendly”.

But once the cat is out of the bag it’s difficult to mend. There are still sections of Jesus’ church who will renounce others and even deny that they are disciples of Jesus.

Surely none of us is completely right, but how important to find ways to overcome the divisions.

Jesus prayed for unity. Perhaps the answer to his prayer is in our hands.

To be one as he and his Father are one.

That’s really ONE!

Because it’s by unity that the world will know. Is that what the world sees? A united church? Or are they baffled by the labels we give ourselves?

And I want them to be where I am. Back to those rooms that he is preparing again.

One day we will all live together in unity.

How do we make that a reality here and now?



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