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John’s gospel post 73: It’s time

March 8, 2014

John 17: 1 – 5

What follows may seem all too familiar to us by now. Jesus carries on talking. But actually this is different. He is no longer talking to his disciples, the Pharisees, a crowd, He is talking to his Father.

We now hear Jesus at prayer.

He looks towards heaven (is heaven a geographical place?) I guess he looked up. Through the ceiling.

Back at the wedding Jesus told his mother “My time has not yet come”.

But now he tells his Father “My time has come”.

This is it. The culmination of his time on earth. And at this huge point he prays. 

We pray when we face significant moments in our lives. The crisis. The big decision. We should not be surprised that Jesus prays.

We might be surprised that Jesus should need to enlist the Father’s help. He is after all God, right? 

But somehow Jesus has given up that which he might have taken for granted and shows himself time and again to be reliant on Father and Spirit.

But his first prayer is a big one. “Glorify me”.

“Show the world. Let them know who I am and why I am here. Vindicate me.And you also will be glorified. Everyone will sit up and notice and praise God.”

See Jesus has authority as God, but in his humanness he talks about the authority he has been given by the Father. In living life as one of us, Jesus took no short cuts. He lived as we need to live. In dependence on God. And he used the authority of God to give life.

In fact he talks about eternal life. Life that goes on and on and on. That’s how we define it. That’s not how Jesus defines it. Eternal life is to know God. That is what Jesus mission is all about. it is about knowing God. Because we do not know God. We cannot know him. Only through the work of Jesus. That is what I said – I am the way…no one comes to the Father except through me”.

Jesus is the only way. God is the only God. That’s maybe not a popular message today. But hey I didn’t say it. God the Son did.

The work of Jesus will glorify God the Father. It wil bring him praise. Now Jesus prays that he too will be seen for who he is.


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