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John’s gospel post 68: Be glad

February 10, 2014

“Hello I must be going” (Phil Collins album title)

John 14: 28 – 31

We need to close off this chapter, with the last few verses. It’s similar vein.

Jesus reminds the disciples. “It’s good news that I’m going away!”

Like that’s really what the disciples were thinking!

But Jesus is insistent. He is going to the Father and the Father is greater than the Son. An odd statement really, when so much of what John and Jesus have had to say underlines that Jesus is equal to God. But somehow Jesus seems to have chosen not to hang onto his rightful place. As the apostle Paul would later write – Jesus didn’t think of equality with God as something to be clung onto, but gave it all up. To become one of us. To serve us. To die for us.

This is not about Jesus being inferior to God, for John nailed it at the beginning. “The word was God”. And he doesn’t change.

Again Jesus says “i’m telling you in advance. You’re going to see these things. You’ll remember what I said. And you’ll believe”

Jesus is not going to say much more. He will soon stop speaking. The prince of the world is coming. Darkness is closing in. Jesus’ enemy will be at large. But Jesus reminds his followers that Satan is not his equal. He has no hold on Jesus.

But Satan is coming, to carry out his worst. And in that Jesus is about to prove the full extent of his love. It’s time!


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