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Let’s talk about the weather!!

February 6, 2014

“Oh and it never rains around here, it just comes pouring down”. Dire Straits – It never rains (from the album “Love over Gold”)

Deep down I regard my self as a Welshman. Land of my fathers, place of my birth. But I suppose I have to say too I am a Brit.

Brits are famous for many things. One is that they love to talk about the weather.

I have made it an unwritten rule, when meeting someone, not to allow the weather to be a topic of conversation. But I often fail. We spend so much of our time talking about how it is too hot/cold/windy/wet, occasionally even what a lovely day it is today.

Weather makes a difference though. It affects my plans. My wife and I like to go walking on a Saturday but cannot remember the last time we were able to, as we are fair weather walkers and every time we look at the forecast…

But O the weather at the moment in the UK! Will it never stop raining and blowing a gale?

Here in the South West of England we are marooned, the main train line having been destroyed by the latest storms. Other parts of the country are severely flooded, with new islands being created.

I recognise that readers in other parts of the world probably have to fare with much worse conditions, hurricanes etc.

But I can’t help it. Part of me is screaming out “For goodness sake, whoever is in charge of this, will you STOP!!!”

Because actually I don’t like getting wet and blown about, but some people have lost their homes, their livelihoods, even their lives as nature has thrown its worst.

Which brings a question to me. Would I actually pray for the rain to stop?

I have always been very cagey when approaching these things. Somehow I find it hard to believe that God micro manages the world’s weather.

“Today it will be 20 degrees in London, dry, and a light breeze, slightly humid, light shower at 18.30”.

“Time for a hurricane in the Caribbean”.

“In today’s plans, a Tsunami for Asia”.

On the smaller end of the scale, it seems trivial. At the serious end, I would have serious questions to ask about the God I believe in.

Some year’s ago, a group of ladies, led by my mother were due for their annual outing to the seaside. In the lead up to the day, they prayed “Lord, give us good weather for our trip”. Sure enough, it poured with rain. One lady, who wasn’t afraid of speaking out, climbed aboard the bus moaning “We asked Him for good weather. And LOOK what He’s given us!!!”

In the days leading up to my wedding, I steadfastly refused to pray for good weather on my wedding day. I couldn’t help thinking that other people, including my own brother, had horrid weather on their big day, so why should I think I deserved special treatment? As it turned out the weather was much better than expected, so I was thankful.

I remember attending another wedding (the couple may be reading this) where the rain poured down from first thing to last. Relentless and heavy. Any plans for superb pictures overlooking Plymouth Sound were dashed. As far as I know though the weather that day has not had a negative effect upon that couple’s marriage!

Many England cricket fans over the years, and especially this winter have prayed for rain solidly for the next 3 days.

For most of us rain can be inconvenient. It spoils our plans. But for many it is a matter of life and death.

Maybe in the UK at the moment we are getting a glimpse of that.

So as I pray for the people who have been worst effected. As I think about people looking to get their lives back together. Those who have lost dear ones. Part of me wonders. Should I pray “Lord stop the rain! Have mercy!”

I’m reminded that Elijah the prophet prayed that it would stop raining and it did. So if you have the spirit of Elijah, what about it?

We’re Brits and we’ve had enough.

What’s your viewpoint?

Actually. Wait a minute. The sun’s out! Slightly…



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