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John’s gospel post 66: Obey

February 3, 2014

“I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me” – Foreigner – I wanna know what love is (from the album “Agent Provocateur)

John 14:15

Jesus continues with his teaching.

“If you love me, do as I say”.

Another one of those stop in your tracks statements.

What do people do if they love Jesus? They obey his commands.


So Christianity is about following a list of rules and regulations after all! I’ve been proved wrong. That’s what Jesus calls for. Obedience. Do what he says. Keep to the letter of the law. Just like the Pharisees.

But obedience to Jesus’ commands is not an end in itself. We do not do these things to win his approval. It’s not just about ticking all the boxes. We do these things from a different motivation. We do it because we love him.

That’s the thing. Obedience is not properly borne out of duty but out of love. That’s the perfect motivation. Love expressed in action.

If we are living out a dry obedience, have we missed the point?

If we live in love, will we not find a joy in living Jesus’ way?

So if we struggle to obey, where do we look to put this right? Do we look to keep the rules, or do we look to rediscover our love for Jesus?

I suspect it’s about love. About reminding ourselves about how much Jesus loves us. So that we respond in love and gratitude. And obedience.

But the other side of the coin is this. Jesus’ followers are called to obey. They are recognised by their obedience. It is not enough to ‘love’ Jesus in our worship services. That love needs to work its way out on a daily basis.

Oh it’s so easy to sing how much we love him. But not so easy to SHOW how much we love him. Is it? Perhaps we need to look in the mirror and see how much evidence there is of the love we claim.

If there’s not much then take action.


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