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John’s gospel post 64: One

January 27, 2014

John 14:7 – 11

So Jesus is the way. He’s the way to the place he is preparing for us. He’s the way to the Father’s house.

And “if you know me you know the Father”.

Another awkward pause. And this time it’s Phil who speaks. “Lord it’s all very well you taking us to the Father. Can’t you show him to us now?”

“But Phil can’t you see what’s in front of you? All the time I’ve been with you? If you have seen me you have seen the Father. We’re inseparable! I’m in him and he’s in me. Even the things I say are from Him. It’s His authority and he is the one who works all these miracles through me. If you can’t grasp why I’m saying, look at what I have been doing. The miracles. The signs. What do they point you to?”

The way the truth and the life. One with God the Father. Where are those people who say Jesus never made claims for himself?!

That whole picture that John paints in his opening chapter. Jesus embodies it, lives it out, and speaks it out.

As Jesus challenges his disciples, look at the evidence.


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