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John’s gospel post 61:Love and denial

January 23, 2014

“All you need is love” The Beatles – All you need is love
“Beatles said ‘ All you need is love’ and then they broke up” – Larry Norman – Reader’s digest (from the album “Only visiting this planet”)

John 13:31 – 38

One down but the meeting carries on into the night.

The moment of glory has arrived. For God and the Son.

But Jesus is only going to be there a little longer with them. “I’m off and you won’t be able to find me”.

“Here’s a new rule for you. Love each other. Just as you have seen my love for you. Do the same. And then people will know that you are my disciples. Love”.

So what marks out a disciple of Jesus? How do you spot him or her?

A Galilean accent?

A large Bible and big hat?

A dog collar?

Doctrinal arguments?

Acts of religious terrorism?

Judgementalism and intolerance?

A miserable face?

The size of our church buildings?


The church is marked by the love that its members have for one another. That’s how people recognise Jesus’ followers. Did you know that?

Does the world know that?

Love. It’s a command. It’s Jesus’ way.

What a dreadful advert we often are. How often we show anything but love. This is beyond challenging for us. How to undo all the harm that has been done? And continues to be done. We all have to raise our hands.

Peter asks Jesus where he is going. Again Jesus repeats that he has to go it alone.

“You’re not on your own Lord. I’ll come with you. I’ll give everything for you. I’d even die for you”.

At last Peter. A bright light in the dark. “You can rely on me!”

“If only Peter. You’re going to deny me”.

Deny Jesus? Peter? Deny Jesus? Me?



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