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John’s gospel post 58: Hiding

January 14, 2014

“Hey! You’ve got to hide your love away” – the Beatles – You’ve got to hide your love away (from the album “Help!”)

John 12:37 – 50

The one thing that Jesus does so successfully is to divide people!

Even with the miracles he did some people just would not see.

Isaiah had prophesied this. Who would believe? Well some would have blinded eyes and hardened hearts. They just weren’t going to listen. Won’t see won’t listen won’t understand = won’t be healed. Missing what was right before their eyes!

Isaiah was especially qualified to speak as he seen Jesus’ glory. Hundreds of years before he visited this earth (read about it in Isaiah 6).

But actually here’s a thing. Some of the Jewish leaders did believe in Jesus. But they kept it quiet because they didn’t want to risk their status and reputation. They thought more about man’s approval than God’s.

How extraordinarily wicked is that?! How could anyone be a secret disciple.

Well actually I can be very good at doing that. Probably you can be too. Sometimes it’s easy to be quiet about our faith. Can being open about my faith harm my career prospects? Can speaking for God lose me friends? Do I sometimes calculate that the price is too high to pay?

Jesus reminds his audience:

“Believe in me and you believe in God”.

“I have come to rescue not to judge but if you have heard my words and don’t listen then you are judged justly. To hear my word is a unique opportunity not to be wasted”.

“I am saying what God tells me to say, and following my words leads to eternal life”.

He’s still making huge claims for himself. Everything. Everything depends on your choice to follow him.


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