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John’s gospel post 57: glorify

January 13, 2014

“Gloria…in te domine
Oh Lord, loosen my lips” – U2 – Gloria (from the album “October”)

John 12: 20 – 36

While in Jerusalem, their were some Greeks who had gone to Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish Passover festival. These were presumably converts to Judaism. They sought out Jesus’ followers and found Philip. Philip told Andrew. The two disciples then went to Jesus. The Greeks wanted to meet him.

If we’re expecting a note of triumph now we may be surprised. Yes “the time has come for me to be glorified” – that sounds promising.

But then he starts talking about death. Seeds that die, that are buried and produce a crop.

The paradox that those who love their lives will lose them, but those who HATE this life will keep it eternally. There is something in hating this life that leads us to be followers of Jesus.

Jesus has something he has come to do. Will he now back down? He says he won’t. God’ s name will be glorified this way.

Suddenly a clap of thunder. Or so the crowd heard. But John tells us plainly that this was such a significant moment, that God spoke. His name would certainly be glorified.

Jesus said ” this is now the time for this world to be judged. The prince of this world is now going to be driven out and I am going to do this by being lifted up”. That ‘lifted up’ phrase again. The old testament snake on the pole. Look. And live. Jesus’ death would accomplish this.

The people who have cried hosanna baulk at talk of death. “The Messiah will live forever yet this Son of Man says he is going to die”. Maybe they’ve got the wrong man after all?

Jesus now talks of himself again as the light. While he is around it is a time of lightness. It will soon be dark. Children of light. That’s what he calls his listeners to be.

And again Jesus slips into hiding…


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