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John’s gospel post 56: King

January 13, 2014

John 12:12 – 19

After the intimate worship event, something more public, more large scale.

The people are now aware that Jesus is approaching Jerusalem for the festival. They get prepared.

They took palm branches and went out to see Jesus. They shouted ‘Hosanna’, literally ‘save us’.

Suddenly there was a recognition that Jesus was the saviour. He was the one who could rescue.

They shout out that he comes from God, that HE is the king of Israel.

Jesus arrives, riding on a donkey. Not some great majestic beast. But this fulfils the words of the prophet Zechariah. He had actually promised that Israel’s king would come to Jerusalem by this very mode of transport. The atmosphere would be electric, although it seems the prophecy was lost on the disciples. It wasn’t till later that they put the pieces together.

Now it seemed he was irresistible. The crowds were growing. The raising of Lazarus was still the talk of the city. The Pharisees could see that they were losing the battle.

Heading for a happy ending then? Will the worship last?

When the rightful king comes home…


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