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John’s gospel post 54: plot

January 11, 2014

“One way or another I’m gonna find ya. I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha”. Blondie – One way or another (from the album “Parallel Lines”)

John 11:45 – 57

Well that seals it. A man has done the impossible. Raised a dead man. Surely the ultimate proof of his credentials. It is no wonder that the people believe in him.

But on the other hand…

Someone thinks they’d better keep the Pharisees posted on this news.

So the Pharisees called a meeting of their council.

They are worried. “We’re not getting anywhere. This man is doing signs. Everyone is going to believe in him”.

Interesting that they used the word “signs” – the word Jesus used. We have already learnt that signs point to something greater. But like drivers in a foreign country the Pharisees couldn’t read the signs. Or wouldn’t. Even when the dead are raised they can only see this man as a threat.

They could lose their temple. Pity that they are not so concerned about hearing the God of that temple.

Caiaphas was high priest for the year. “It will be a good thing for all of us if one man dies”. Interesting perspective. Was he saying that they had to get rid of this man for everyone’s sake?

Jesus of course has spoken to us openly about how his death, his being lifted up, is going to change everything. So it almost seems that Caiaphas’s words are right, but he’s way out of context.

Caiaphas had prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation. Prophecy? Prophecy is when someone speaks words given by God. Could it be that Caiaphas spoke the truth, but didn’t know?!

Now the plot is set. This man HAS to die.

The man who heals the sick, walks on water, raises the corpse to life?

Yes. That man. That trouble maker. Gotta go…

Not surprisingly Jesus and his disciples withdraw.

When the Passover came people went to Jerusalem as usual. The name of a Jesus was on their lips.

Will he come this time?

But the Pharisees were ready to make an arrest if Jesus showed himself.

From the stunned amazement. To the euphoria at the tomb of Lazarus. To this.

We’ve met a blind man. But we have met the blindest of all. Such darkness. Dark dark dark.



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