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John’s gospel post 52: won’t see

January 9, 2014

John 10:22 – 42

And so the arguing continues. Is he good or is be bad? Is he from God or the Devil? And not much in between.

Another festival. Winter. No it’s not Christmas!

Jesus is walking in the temple courts and the people mill around.

They want an answer. “Jesus you’re keeping us in suspense. If you are the Messiah just tell us straight!”

Which makes me want to ask – have they actually been listening to what Jesus has been saying? You know all that stuff about living water and bread and eternal life through him! Surely there were not too many other people who could or would make such claims?

Jesus’ answer will not surprise us ” I did tell you. But you don’t believe me. I have shown you by my miracles. But you don’t believe me”.

“You’re not my sheep. My sheep listen to me and follow me. Not you! Those who follow me though have eternal life, they are absolutely safe in my hands. God the father and myself inseparable. We are one and the same”.

Well they did ask! But again they don’t like the answer. Again they take up stones to silence him. The third time we’ve been told that they decide to execute him for blasphemy.

“So what are you stoning me for? Healing a blind man? A lame man? Feeding the hungry? Providing wine for a wedding?”

The people are clear. You know today people often say that Jesus never made big claims about himself. You bet he did! And the people knew it. “It’s not what you do. It’s what you’re saying. You are a man but you claim to be God!”

Well that’s pretty clear.

Jesus appeal is this. “Don’t judge me by my words. Judge me by what I do. If I do the same things God does, then surely you can see that my claim to be his Son is real.”

Again they try to grab him.

And again he slips away.

Jesus returns to the scene of John’s baptisms. People acknowledge John’s testimony about Jesus and many more believe
in him. Unlike the Pharisees they see the evidence and draw the only reasonable conclusion.

All of us have to do that. Look at Jesus and see what his words and life tell us.

We can see all the evidence and still refuse to believe.

Or we can follow him and find life.


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