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John’s gospel post 48: who’s blind?

January 2, 2014

And it’s all because you made me see
What is false and what is true
Like the inside and the outside of me
Is being made again by you – Marillion – Made Again (from the album “Brave”)

John 9:13 – 34

So there you have it. Another story with a happy ending. Of course not friend. This is John’s gospel here, so there is bound to be a twist.

The people take the ex blind man to see the Pharisees.

It’s an old problem. You see it was the sabbath again. The day of no work. Not only had Jesus made a man well. He had made mud. He’d been hard at work. So he’d broken the rules again!

The man gives a good account about the mud and the washing – and the healing.

The Pharisees conclusion – on Jesus – “this man is not from God. He doesn’t stick to the rules”.

Others couldn’t agree that someone who could do such a thing was bad.

Presumably the man was more than a little pleased with the outcome. Indeed they ask the man for his take on Jesus.

“He’s a prophet”. God’s messenger.

They think it’s a set up. This man was never blind. Call his parents.

The parents arrive. Was their son born blind? They were adamant – as parents would be. “He’s our son. He was blind. Goodness knows what’s happened to him! He’s grown up. Ask him”.

We are told that the parents were afraid of the Pharisees. The Pharisees had decided that anyone who supported Jesus would be excommunicated from the synagogue. That wasn’t like just having to find another church. They would be ostracised and their whole livelihood could be lost. They chickened out.

So they get the man back. “Tell us the truth. We know this man is a sinner”.

“I don’t know” said the man, “but I know I can see”.

The man loses his rag as they ask him again. “I have told you. Why don’t you listen. You want to follow Jesus too?”

They yell at him. He is Jesus’ disciple, they are Moses’ disciples. god spoke to Moses, not this new chap who breaks Moses’ laws.

The man cannot contain his amazement. God uses good people not bad. Blind people don”t get healed. This has to be from God.

Our story turns full circle. The disciples had asked Jesus if the man’s blindness from birth was the result of sin. The Pharisees say that this man is a born sinner. ” You’re following a sinner. You don’t tell us what to believe. Get out!”

And so a puzzled man walks away from the synagogue. “What have I got myself into? But hang on a moment…. I can see!!!!!!!! Now that has GOT to be good”.

Argue about Jesus till the cows come home. But speak to someone who has met with Jesus. Now that’s hard to argue.


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