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John’s gospel post 47: Blind

December 29, 2013

“All I need is a miracle! All I need is you” – Mike & the mechanics – all I need is a miracle ( from the album Mike & the mechanics)

John 9: 1 – 12

Time for some more action. Time for a miracle. A healing.

Jesus and his disciples see a man born blind by the side of the road.

Firstly this provokes some more talk. “Who’s fault is it that this man is blind? His? Or his parents?” Often the link was made between illness and blame. Quite how a man can be to blame for an illness he had from birth does strike me very odd.

Anyway the question is asked and Jesus has the answer “Neither”. Even today we hear of people who seek healing who are told it is somehow down to them that they are like they are, or that they are not getting better. Sure there will be times when an illness or injury is our own fault – if we play fast and loose and take risks. But I believe what Jesus says here should be listened to more often.

This is no one’s fault. But God has got a plan.

” This is a dark world. Bad things happen to people. But I am the light of the world. I am here to bring hope”.

With innovative use of spit mud and water the man is healed. There was a need or obedience to instructions but the man returns seeing.

Another comic conversation ensues. Is this man the blind beggar or is he his double? The man insists he is one and the same. When asked who has healed him, he gives a clear account of his encounter with Jesus.

So where is he now?



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