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John’s gospel post 45: Free

December 28, 2013

“I’m free. I’m free. And freedom tastes of reality” The Who – I’m Free (from the album “Tommy”)

John 8: 31- 33

What follows is very odd. We have just read that after listening to Jesus, many people believed. Success?

It seems that Jesus now proceeds to have a row with those believers!

The challenge is immediate. “It is not enough to believe in me. You show you are a disciple by obeying me”.

Jesus is not just looking for believers. He is looking for those who will follow him. And those who are seen to live in a way that demonstrates their beliefs.

It should be no different for his church today. We are not looking to create believers, even people who believe all the right things. But we look to build disciples who live out their faith. We are the visible hands and feet of Jesus in 2013. Do you like that thought?

Hold to the teaching of Jesus. No room for compromise. What Jesus teaches IS truth. And truth is good – it sets us free.

Sound good? Not to the people listening. We have just been told they had believed in him but these words offend them.

“Free? Free?! We are already free! We are not slaves. We are not prisoners!”

How extraordinary. They have listened to Jesus. They have believed his words. But somehow they have no concept that belief in Jesus is life changing. For them it is all in the head.

You ever like that? If I believe the right things that is enough. I will be a Christian who believes all the right things. There’s nothing wrong with these things. Grasping the fundamentals. These are not things we should compromise on but the truth sets us free. Do you feel free? If not do we need to visit the truth again?

So many people see the Christian life as a negative life. Deprive yourselves of any kind of pleasure. Thou shalt not this or that. But the life of following Jesus is the best life – life as it I meant to be.

John said early on that in him is life. Jesus announces elsewhere that he has come so that we can have life – in all it’s fullness. The apostle Paul underlines this in his writings “it is for freedom that you have been set free”.

Grasp the truth.


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  1. Paul Rees permalink

    What I am beginning to understand is that I am free from want … as I don’t really need anything. is this because in a material sense that I have learned that God provides me with everything that I need? or is it that as I get closer to God through Jesus that my wants are less so my needs are less? maybe both of these things. The truth is I suppose is the more I want Jesus the less I need anything else. The Truth has set me free. Thanks for your thoughts on this Anth. be blessed. Paul

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