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John’s gospel post 44: Murderers

December 27, 2013

“Wo are you? Who who who who?” The Who – Who are you? (From the album “Who are you?”)

John 8:21 – 30

The talking continues. And it’s Jesus who’s talking again. He’s going away. Well that sounds like good news for his opponents. Jesus though says they will still be looking for him.

But he hasn’t finished his verbal assault on them. “You are going to die in your sin”.

Not the most tactful way to speak to men who considers themselves as the most spiritual God followers. “You are a bunch of sinners and your punishment is the death penalty”.

“You can look for me all you like but you’ll never find me”.

The Jews wonder if Jesus is suicidal.

Jesus draws a line between them.

“You are from below – I am from above”.

“You are from this world. I am not of this world”.

“You doomed sinners and I have nothing in common”.

They are doomed to death, says Jesus, because they do not believe in him.

“Who are you?” They ask.

Jesus does not answer that question. He says he has been telling them all along. Have they not been listening?

Jesus now claims to be their judge.

Jesus again talks about his father, the one who has sent him, but this is all lost on the crowd.

“When you have lifted me up, then you will know who I am. And you’ll know I speak from God”.

Jesus had used the phrase ‘lifted up’ when he spoke to Nicodemus to speak of his death. Jesus is not now saying “when you see me die”. He is saying “when you kill me” – he’s accusing his killers.

He continues to drive a wedge between him and the religious leaders.

But something else is going on here with many of the other people, for as they listen they believe.

As ever Jesus polarises. Those who hate murderously and those who believe. The full spectrum of responses to Jesus continues with all shades in between.

Where are you?


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