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John’s gospel post 42: judge

December 4, 2013

“I’ll give it due reflection
Watching from the fence
Give the jury direction
Based on the evidence” – Rush – Show don’t tell (from the album “Presto”)

John 7:45 – 52

The next short section is like a footnote to the previous verses. People still cannot agree who Jesus is.

In an amusing episode the temple guards who have gone to arrest Jesus, come back empty handed. “But no one ever talked like this teacher.” The tough guys couldn’t get away from the truth they were hearing. Not surprisingly the Pharisees are livid.

Of course the teachers are right and they can prove it “We know about the law. We’re the experts. The common people know nothing about the law. Who’s going to believe that uneducated rabble. People like that are bound to believe!”

In an interesting twist, Nicodemus, who had the late night one on one born again chat with Jesus intervenes. “We need to listen to this man and make an informed decision.”

The rest continue to go on about the prophecies, again aware of Jesus’ home town, but ignorant of his birth place.

The temple guard were not the first or the last people to set out to oppose Jesus, and find themselves won over by him.

There is the challenge of Nicodemus too. Before you reject this man, listen to his words, and weigh the evidence. Dare you to!


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