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John’s gospel post 41: water of love

December 4, 2013

“High and dry in the long hot day 
Lost and lonely in every way 
Got the flats all around me sky up above 
I need a little water of love 
I’ve been too long lonely and my heart feels pain 
Crying out for some soothing rain 
I believe I have taken enough 
I need a little water of love 
Water of love deep in the ground 
No water here to be found 
Some day baby when the river runs free 
It’ll carry that water of love to me” – Dire Straits – Water of Love (from the album “Dire Straits”)

John 7:25 – 44

It seems the plan to kill Jesus was well known about, as the people now start to talk about the man who is in front of them – he is the one! How come he’s being allowed to speak so publicly?

“Perhaps the leaders have changed their minds? He is the Messiah?”

“But he can’t be. When the Messiah comes we won’t know where he’s from. But we know where he’s from”

Right? Wrong!

The Old Testament predicts where Messiah is from – Bethlehem, Nazareth, Egypt. Read the full story and you’ll see the story fits. When some people have theories about how easy it might have been for a man to fulfil the Messiah prophesies, there’s 3 outside of his control. And an unusual combination.

Jesus responds “Yes you do know where I’m from. But I’m speaking for God! You don’t know God, but I know him better than anyone. We’re family!”

Then it gets odd. The people try to grab him but fail to even lay a hand on him. John simply states that Jesus’ time had not yet come. Somehow he was immune to their physical attack, but sounds like that was going to change.

But in amongst the mob, there are still those people who believe. “This must be him – look at his miracles!” That simply wound the religious people, the Pharisees up. “Let’s get him arrested now”.

Jesus gets mysterious again. “I’m here now, but I’m going and you won’t be able to find me. And I am going somewhere you cannot come.”

How’s he going to do that? Where is this mysterious place he is going? Perhaps he’s going abroad on a preaching tour of some kind?

Jesus hadn’t finished at the festival. He gets up again on the last day. “If you’re thirsty come to me and drink”. It’s a familiar theme. His conversation with the woman at the well some time before made the same offer. To explain further now he describes how those who believe will have living water within them. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. We are reminded that for people to receive the Holy Spirit in numbers was something that had not happened, but was in God’s plan. Jesus would exit to the wings and the Spirit would enter centre stage.

Still they argue. They even argue that Messiah comes from Bethlehem, blissfully unaware (not having the benefit of our Christmas carols) that that is exactly where this man was born!

Divided opinion. Nothing new there. Nothing old there either.

On one side the man was a fraud.

On the other he was the Messiah, healer, giver of God’s Spirit.

The call echoes in 2013. “If you’re thirsty, come to me”







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