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John’s gospel post 40: Knowledge

November 21, 2013

John 7:14 – 24

So Jesus is at the festival in disguise. The leaders are watching for him and they are not to be disappointed. half way through the festival goes into the temple, removes his hoodie and dark glasses and begins to teach.

There is no transcript or podcast of what he said, But we are told that his listeners are amazed by the knowledge that this man possesses.

“These are not just my words. I’m just a messenger. Those who want to do God’s will will listen to me. Too many teachers are full of themselves. But I speak from God. And I speak truth.”

“You believe in Moses. So why are you trying to kill me?”

Where’d that come from?!

Well John did tell us that there was a plot to kill Jesus, and there’s nothing that gets past Jesus!

The amazed crowd suddenly becomes an angry, accusing crowd – “You’re mad. You’re bad. Who’s trying to kill you?”

Jesus goes on to say that the people have been amazed by one miracle. But the Sabbath. These people do their religious stuff on the Sabbath day, but the healing of the man by the pool is still creating waves!

“You can’t see straight. You can’t judge properly. You’re so full of your own ideas and your petty rules you can’t even see when God is at work.”

Can you see when Jesus is at work? Or are you so full of your own ideas that you can’t even notice?

Listen to the one who brings God’s message. 


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