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John’s gospel post 36: Picnic

November 2, 2013

“And I know that I don’t have much to give, but soon I’ll open any door” – Blind Faith – In the Presence of the Lord (from the album “Blind Faith”)

John 6: 1 – 15

Time for the big one. Time for Jesus to operate on a larger scale.

Enough of these one to ones.

Jesus is now getting a following. Because of the signs and the healings.

Jesus sat down with his disciples – perhaps hoping for a bit of quality time with them. Some chance. As they sit on the mountain, everywhere they look there are people.

Jesus cracks a joke. “How are we going to feed all these people?” Very funny!

Except it is not a joke. John tells us that Jesus is testing his disciples because he already has a plan.

Philip didn’t have any sandwiches but you could be excused for thinking he had a calculator with him! Or he was just good at mental maths. He actually worked out the cost of feeding the crowd by reference to the typical wage. Very impressive.

Andrew, the other disciple mentioned early in the story, talks about a boy who has a picnic dinner. But hey that’s not going to feed this lot!

So why did Andrew mention it at all? There was no way this meagre food could help, but hang on maybe he thought…

“He’s done water into wine. Why not a picnic into a feast? If anyone can do it…”

A glimmer of faith but no – no good at all.

Jesus doesn’t flinch. get everyone to sit down. Now the scale of the problem becomes clear. There are no less than 5,000 mouths to feed. Arguably many more than that as that does not seem to include women and children.

Jesus says grace and gives out the picnic. And from one lunch box, everyone has as much as they want – even the ones who’s eyes are bigger than their bellies!

But there is still loads left over. One lunch box less food for a multitude = 12 baskets left over . Now that’s crazy maths!

The reaction is understandable. “This is the prophet”.

Jesus reaction is more difficult. he decides that he needs to get away – he’s getting too popular again…

A miracle on a grand scale. The smallest resources placed in Jesus hands and wow!

Maybe your problems are too big. Perhaps there is no way you can do anything about the needs of the people around you. It’s just all too much.

My talents and resources are too small. Jesus doesn’t ask you to give him what you haven’t got. He asks you to give what you do have – and then it’s up to him to do the miracle.

What looks too big for you this week? I’ve got this but how can it help when the need is so great?” Just try it. Give it to Jesus.


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