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John’s gospel post 35: Testify

October 30, 2013

“Come on and testify, testify your trust in me” – Phil Collins – Testify (from the album “Testify”)

John 5: 31 – 47

The Jews are definitely unconvinced of Jesus’ credentials.

He now decides to set them out for them.

Of course as any legal system would tell you – it is not enough just to accept what the witness says about himself. We need some corroboration. And Jesus says “I’ve got witnesses”. It’s not just me making these big claims about myself.

Call the first witness!

John the Baptist. “You listened to him for a time. He testified about me”.

“But for me a human witness is not enough. I’ve got higher testimony. But you heard John. You had the chance to listen and believe”.

God gives evidence for Jesus. The ultimate witness.

But the great thing about these Jews was that they knew their Jewish scriptures. They studied and knew them inside out. And yet says Jesus, “Your scriptures are full of me, and yet you don’t even recognise me when I stand among you. You think the scriptures themselves give you life, but life is found only in me – and you’ve not seen!”

Jesus does not accept testimony from humans. In other words he did not need these Jews’ approval. But Jesus makes it clear to these people. They do not love God. If they did they would accept Jesus for who he is.

These people are more interested in gaining each other’s approval than God’s!

These people knew the laws of Moses inside out and their detailed interpretations were famous. And yet Jesus says “Even Moses was pointing towards me. His words condemn you.” If you don’t believe him then there is no hope.

The Bible is full of Jesus. We all need to open our eyes.




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