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John’s gospel post 34: Words of life

October 28, 2013

John 5:24 – 30

Like I said, Jesus has not finished yet. The bigger the claims he make, you might be tempted to think the bigger the hole he is digging for himself. And yet he continues. Surely it can only be that he believed what he was saying was true.

Jesus’ words are not falling to the ground. They are for a purpose. His words, he claims, have the most extraordinary power. Hearing the words of Jesus brings belief in God. And that results in eternal life and freedom from judgement. Life as it was always intended to be. But this is not pie in the sky, it is a present reality. The believer in God through Jesus has already crossed the tracks from death to life.

This is someone – the one – that we need to listen to.

Even the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and will live again. Again Jesus claims equality with God, deity and claims to be the source of resurrection. Where have people been who say that Jesus never actually claimed anything about himself??!

We are taken back to chapter 1 – “In him was life and that life was the light of men”. John didn’t get these words from nowhere. he heard them from Jesus’ own lips!

Jesus makes it plain. Even more amazing than all this, there will be a resurrection from the dead. How we respond to Jesus has eternal consequences.

And yet though he claims God-ship, Jesus also expresses submission and obedience to God the Father. Somehow as a man (by choice) he is as dependent on God as you and I.

The challenge is in the hearing of the words of Jesus. Do I hear the words of God? Do I hear the words of eternal life? Do I respond so that I can receive that life myself, now and forever?



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