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John’s gospel post 33: Father & Son

October 28, 2013

“Just look at your father and you’ll see how you take after him” – Kate Bush – All we ever look for ( from the album “Never forever”)
John 5:16 – 23

Storm brewing.

Making someone well on the Sabbath day? Whatever next. Sadly the Jewish leaders took God’s laws and put a new twist on them.

Twisted is the word.

So healing someone who had been ill for 38 years = working on the Sabbath. A serious offence.

The invalid was walking so the the Jewish leaders persecuted his healer.

Jesus defends himself.

Like father like son.

“My Father is always working so I am too”.

More fan to the flame! Now the leaders want to kill him!

So what’s he done now? By calling God his father he has just claimed equality with God.

Jesus in unflinching. “I do what the Father does. We’re the same. And hang in there because you’re going to see me doing even greater things”.

Jesus claims the power to give life and power to be the ultimate judge.

“If you don’t honour me you don’t honour God”. Now that is a big claim! He says to his persecutors “it’s not just me you’re rejecting. It’s God!

Jesus is making big claims for himself but he hasn’t finished yet!


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