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John’s gospel post 31: Sign

October 19, 2013

John 4:43 – 54

After his short break in Samaria, Jesus heads for his home region Galilee.

It seems Jesus didn’t expect a welcome from the locals – “a prophet is not welcome in his home town” – and yet we are told he got a good reception. The people had heard what he had been up to while he was away (the angry temple clearance). Some had been there to see it with there own eyes.

He went back to Cana – the scene of the water into wine miracle.

A royal official from Capernaum, another part of Galilee, had a son who was sick. He heard that Jesus was coming and decided that Jesus could be the answer. There was no other hope – the illness was terminal.

So finally at the end of chapter 4, we get to see Jesus do a healing. What’s his method? Get ready.

“Oh you people are always looking for miracles. You’ve got no faith.



Not exactly friendly do you think? Does he care?

The man persists – his son is dying.

Will Jesus now go with him. Will he lay hands on the boy? What will he do.

Nothing actually.

“your son’s going to be OK. Go home”.

Again, not exactly what we’d expect, but somehow the man is convinced. Jesus has spoken the word and that is enough.

He doesn’t even get home before his servants come to meet him with the news that his son is well. Recovered at the exact time that Jesus said he would be well!

Amazing stuff! A word and the healing is complete.

It’s another sign from Jesus. John likes to use that word, rather than wonder or miracle. The healing is amazing but it is a sign. It points to something else. It tells us something about Jesus. We are not told what, because we have already been told who Jesus is. The one who made everything. The one who brings life.

Life had been transformed for one family. Jesus can do that . But it’s not enough just to receive the gift. You need to embrace the giver. See the signs.


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