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John’s gospel post 30: Barriers down

October 13, 2013

“Out in the danger zone
Hearts are all alone and loves denied
If truth has set you free
Can you watch safely from the other side
Now it’s up to you
And there’s something you must do

Cross that line
Tell me what are you waiting for?
You say you want a sign
Man, you don’t need any more

go tell the hurting ones
The King of Hope has come to hear their prayers” – Randy Stonehill – Cross that line (from the album “Love beyond reason”)

John 4:27 – 42

Oh hang on – the disciples are back. Surprised to Jesus talking to a WOMAN. But they seem to know enough about Jesus already not do dare question what on earth he is doing.

The woman now forgets what she went to the well for and leaves her jar there and then and hurries back to the town. “I’ve met a foreign stranger who knows everything about me. Come and see. COULD he be the Messiah?” Jesus had of course states that he was! The people come to see.

Meantime with the disciples, another slightly odd conversation.

“Rabbi you need to eat something”.

“I’ve got a secret supply of food”.

“Wish you’d told us that before we went shopping!”

“Did a burger seller go past this way?”

“My food is to the will of God. I need to finish his work. It’s time for the harvest”.

The disciples need to open their eyes as it seems they are missing out on seeing God’s work. Again, no details. All a bit mysterious. But is it a harvest of people and is it there and right before their eyes.

We are not told about the meeting with the Samaritans, the local enemy. Likely to be  tense meeting. We are not told what was said, but we are told the outcome.

Many of the Samaritans believed the woman’s testimony. Even before they saw Jesus for themselves.

These people came to Jesus and persuaded him to stay a couple of nights. Years of prejudice broken down. A Jew visits a forbidden place, and now receives hospitality from the locals. Many more believed – even more so because of Jesus’ unrecorded words. “We have found the Saviour of the World”.

We sadly often use Jesus to justify our differences – at international, national, regional or local level. Even in his church. Jesus cuts across all this. He brings people together – does not drive them apart.

So, all this because Jesus made a trip across “enemy lines” to meet one lady. And a whole town is transformed through her.

What line do you plan to cross this week? One step out of the comfort zone – and just see what could happen!



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