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John’s gospel post 29: Place of worship

October 12, 2013

John 4:19 – 26

Awkward moment? Confronted with the facts about herself. Everyone in the town probably knew but now a complete stranger knows all about her to!

Where’s this going to go? Maybe in an effort to change the subject, but maybe just because of what she can see, she says “Sir, you’re a prophet”. How else could this man know?

“Don’t really want to talk about myself” she thinks. “Maybe we could have a religious discussion?” Perhaps she is fuelled partly by this and partly by a genuine curiosity.


Where do we worship? What’s the right way to do it?

The  Jews say you’ve got to go to the temple in Jerusalem. The Samaritans say the nearby mountain is fine. Can they both be right?

Do I worship in a cathedral? Do you worship in a chapel? Can I worship in an open field? Can I worship in my home? Do I worship with a crowd? Can I worship on my own? Can I worship in my daily work? Can I worship down the pub? Do I worship through liturgy or not? Do I worship soberly or with my arms in the air? Do I worship to the organ? Or drums and guitar?

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and yes!!!

Jesus cuts through again. There is no right place. Just as there is no right time or way.

True worshippers.

True worshippers will worship in Spirit and truth. It’s in the heart. It’s a lifestyle. It’s in your whole being. In every part of my life, I live to worship.

“I know the Messiah is coming. He’s going to explain everything”


Waiting to be in the right place at the right time to worship? Looking forward to being in church tomorrow morning to worship? Yes lets do just that in our “worship times” but let’s not delude ourselves. If I’m not worshipping God on Saturday what makes me think I will worship him tomorrow? And if I sing my heart out on Sunday, what about Monday morning?

Just asking?


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