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John’s gospel post 27: Far from the madding crowd

October 9, 2013

John 4:1 – 8

Well at last Jesus is attracting crowds. Or so we are told. He is getting a following. His baptism is becoming more popular than John the Baptist’s. It is Jesus’ disciples who are doing the baptisms but it is obvious that things are happening. People are noticing and commenting.

You’ve got to think haven’t you that this was a good thing. He hardly seems to have had a lot of exposure yet. It’ll be good if the crowds attract more crowds, and finally he can get his message across, not wasting his time with one to one night time conversations.

And yet…

When word gets to Jesus of what is being said – he packs up and goes home! Just when he was getting somewhere? Is Jesus easy to read? Nope!

Many of us in his shoes might have wanted to grasp the opportunities.

We are told though that he had to go through Samaria. Well no one HAD to go through Samaria. No self-respecting Jew would do so. Jews would not enter the Samaritan region – they would go round. So Jesus did not have to go through Samaria because it was the only way. It must be that he HAD to go there for some other reason. As he arrived at Sychar Jesus was tired and took a break by Jacob’s well. Jesus – the one who is God is very much a man. He is tired.

No one seems to have been around. It was the middle of the day and it would have been hot. People needed to be in the shade. Into the heat and discomfort comes a lone woman – ready to draw water. Heavy work – best done in the cooler times of the day.

The disciples have gone off to the Supermarket, so Jesus too is alone. Guess what? It’s time for another one to one! He has left the potential of the crowds for an audience of one.

OK so we read that “God so loved the world” but Jesus reminds us again that he cares about individuals. You and me included. He has time for people. If you imagine that Jesus has no time for your little problems, then think again. He’s there ready to meet you just where you are. Alone. In the heat of everyday life. Waiting for you.

As Jesus’ followers too do we have time for people. Or have we got bigger more important meetings to attend? Is some one waiting alone – ready for you to show the love of Jesus?


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