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John’s gospel post 25: Into the light

September 26, 2013

“There’ll be no more hiding in shadows of fear 
There’ll be no more chains to hold you 
The future is yours – you hold the key 
And there are no walls with freedom 

Come dance with me 
Come on and dance into the light 
Everybody dance into the light” – Phil Collins – Dance into the Light (from the album “Dance into the light”)


John 3:17 – 21

John has already told us why God sent Jesus into the world, but he now goes on to underline the point by telling us what he did NOT come to do. He did NOT come to condemn.

We get that don’t we? Or do we?

Take Jesus’ followers today. When they speak out and when they are heard, do people feel condemned or loved. Too often it seems that what people hear is negative. As we have already touched on, do they feel welcome in our services. Do they believe they are beyond the love of God. It is sad of the church gives that impression because Jesus didn’t come just to point out our faults (that’s not to say he never did!) but he came to save – the world. Indiscriminately.

The test seems to be not the kind of people, but what they believe. No one is beyond God’s love. That’s why the people in our churches can be such a mixed bunch, often people it is said who would never meet in any other walk of life. That’s what the love of God should do – and does. It is up to the church to model that.

If we believe we are not condemned. That’s what it takes. That is the key. That is the ticket. That is the game changer.

On the other side of the coin though Jesus says there are those who are condemned. Those are the ones who will not believe in Jesus, and who he is – God’s Son.

This is the verdict says Jesus. There is justice being given out here. Now Jesus echoes one of John’s points. He is the Light. John has said in chapter 1 how the light shone in the darkness, but it was not understood. Jesus goes further – he actually says that many people actually preferred to be in the darkness. The Light was totally not what they wanted. Jesus talks about their evil deeds. Did the light show up their evil? Or were they just so set in their ways? Jesus says both these things happen.

But again those who live by truth will step into the light. There is no need to hide. In the Light their goodness will be seen. There is no need for shame.

Jesus describes the two sides of the coin. But the choice is ours – Light or dark? Good or evil?

That’s the end of the chat. Over to Nicodemus. Over to you






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