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John’s gospel Post 19: Believers

September 16, 2013

John 2:23 – 25

So in 2 chapters we’ve covered the beginning and the end of things. John has set the scene and then given away the main plot line and the big twist.  Talk about spoilers. So how do we get from A to Z here please?

I mean John has said some fantastic things about the Word from God, who brings light and life. Yet John had indicated in chapter 1 that he would not be accepted. Now Jesus talks of his death as him being destroyed.

So what’s it all about. One miracle and a commotion in the temple. That’s not a lot to go on is it. The events in the temple  at least signal that the way of Jesus is a very different way to that which was accepted. He wasn’t interested in the religious status quo. This certainly was arousing anger.

We are though told in the closing verses of this chapter that Jesus, while in Jerusalem for the Passover, performed signs. John uses the word signs to refer to miracles which showed the watcher some greater truth about Jesus. in chapter 1 John talked about the happy state of affairs for those who believed in him and it now plain that some did believe. There were people who read the signs well.

But John tells us that Jesus did not entrust himself even to these people. He knew people’s hearts it seemed. Those who did not believe. That people could turn quickly. He didn’t need anyone to sponsor him. Jesus spoke for himself. He did things his own way. And still does


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