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John’s Gospel Post 16: Wedding

September 9, 2013

“To keeping silence I resigned, my friends would think I was a nut. Turning water into wine” – Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill (from the album “Peter Gabriel” (Car))

John 2: 1 -12

One chapter done.

We’ve had lots of talk about Jesus.

We’ve met Jesus.

Jesus has gathered a handful of followers.

About time we had some action.


Time for a wedding.

Who’s wedding? Dunno.

Anyway, on the guest list we have Jesus and his mum. Also present are Jesus’ disciples – Andrew, the one with no name, Peter (with the change of name deed still in his pocket), Philip, Nathanael?

The wedding is in Jesus’ home region of Galilee – in Nazareth.

Our introduction to the event is that the wine had run out! As a recent father of the bride, who had wine left over at the end of the reception, I can read this with some smugness! A horror indeed for the hosts.

There are I suppose a few things that could be done about this. The bride’s dad could run down to the wholesalers and get some 3 for 2 (he’d probably at least get away from his wife’s nagging that way).

But the person taking the initiative here is Jesus’ mum. She goes to Jesus “They have run out of wine”. So what is some new kid on the block rabbi supposed to do about that. Plainly Mum thought there was something her boy could do about this. Did she have any idea?

“Woman why do you involve me?” Not perhaps the response she had hoped for! Woman?! How awfully rude in front of all those people! People tell me that in the original language his words might have been a little more respectful than they come across in translation.

“My hour has not yet come – I’m not ready. It’s not the right time”. End of story.

Mum’s don’t always give up. Mum takes control. yes he has said he’s not going to do anything but I know he will.

Still with no idea, Mum has ultimate belief that her son can solve this problem. But he’s not just going to organise a whip round is he?

You do what Jesus tells you.

And they do. Filling huge jars with water. This is in the days before highland spring. What are we going to do. Drink water? That’ll bring the festivities to an end.

Still the servants do what they are told. Are they in a dream? (Why am I carrying this water to the top table? What good can this do? Will I get a thumping for my trouble?)

Host drinks. It’s wine! It’s fantastic wine! It’s the best wine ever. Nobody brings the best wine out this late in the day. Totally oblivious to what has happened.

Instead of embarrassment there’s praise for the bridegroom. Talk about a happy ending!

So what made the day.

A mother who believed in her son.

Servants who did what they were told.

Jesus gives the word and the others do the stuff.

Jesus acts because he is asked to.

But he gets others to do the work.

He adds the miracle.

It’s his first miracle. There are going to be more we are told. This is just the start.

It’s his first miracle and only a handful of people have any idea what has happened.

Almost a secret. Jesus is still almost a secret.

Have you run dry? Going to try and sort it or are you going to tell Jesus the problem?

Or are you going to obey what he tells you to do?

In a quiet way Jesus reveals his glory, John tells us.

Andrew, Peter, Nathanael, Philip and the one with no name think “what on earth have we got ourselves into here?!!)

A toast. The bride and groom…

PS interesting thought that the messenger John the Baptist was tea total, but the first miracle of Jesus is to turn water into wine…


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