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You in 12 songs

August 27, 2013

The 5 favourite albums post reminded me of this I invented on the Genesis message boards…

Just tried this and found it really tough. Thought some others might like to try.

Have often imagined this scenario, but it has never happened to me.

Imagine a bunch of friends ask you to play them 12 songs to encapsulate your musical taste.

Its a group of people with diverging tastes (and ages?)and they will give you an hour.

Well my first problem is that my favourite piece of music is a 23 minute Genesis tune, so I have to find some other way to present that band’s beauty, which will also give me the chance to show off Steve Hackett.

I want to demostrate my pop leanings, give a bit of time to express my faith.

I want lots of old but a bit of new.

I try not to pick all obvious stuff. I want to try and educate people a bit.

So the following list is my attempt. Can’t fit in a whole host of my favourites, including my number 2 band, Rush rolleyes

Phew – why don’t you try this at home?

Abba – Eagle (5:53)
Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (2:06)
Elbow – Great expectations (5:04)
Gerry Rafferty – Days gone down (6:32)
Genesis – Blood on the rooftops (5:27)
Kate Bush – The Man with the child in his eyes (2:41)
Marillion – Fantastic place (6:12)
Peter Gabriel – Don’t give up (5:55)
Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the wall Part 2 (4:00)
Queen – Now I’m here (4:17)
Third day – Carry my cross (5:16)
U2 – Magnificent (5:23)

There – I just changed it again!


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