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John’s Gospel Post 9: Skin and Bone

August 13, 2013

John 1:14 & 15

So we have read that the Word/Light came into the world. But how did this happen? Was he just some sort of disembodied spirit? Was that why hardly anyone recognised him?

John the gospel blogger tells us that the Word became flesh. He came and lived visibly among the people. The Word was physical and touchable. And he didn’t just make a brief appearance. He made his dwelling with us. he moved into the neighbourhood.

John then identifies himself as one of those who did recognise the Word. “We have seen his glory”. We are given no idea as to what that glory was. How that glory showed itself. But John was a witness to these things himself.

The glory of the one and only Son. We have heard this one described as the Word, the Light, the Life, God, the Creator. Now the only Son. All this wrapped in skin, living among us.

John describes how he has seen the Word’s glory. As you would expect of someone who comes from God – and is God – he is full of truth. He is full of grace.

So God has spoken. His Word has lived among us. He has spoken his truth to us. We need to know more. It’s about time this Word was unveiled!

Not yet but not long now…

The other John gets in on the act now and finally breaks his silence. John the messenger – the one we were told “was not the light”. He was also someone who saw the Word in action – in flesh.

John as we saw was the witness to the Light. “This is the one I told you about” he says. Not sure exactly who he was speaking to. A select group? A crowd? He was quite specific though. His work was to be a witness to the Light. He had told people about this one who was to come. And now – here he is!

“The one who comes after me but surpasses me because he came before me”. Of course we know that, because this Word was there in the very beginning in the act of creation.


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