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John’s Gospel Post 10: Word of Grace

August 13, 2013

It’s a name for a girl
It’s also a thought that changed the world” – Grace – U2 (from the album “All that you can’t leave behind”)

John 1:16 – 18

John the gospel blogger now lets us in on something of his experience of the Word.

He describes how “we” have received grace upon grace from the Word.

Time for the reveal!

Moses brought us the Law. He gave us the God’s code for living. But this grace and truth comes from Jesus Christ. He is the one! He is the Word/Light/Life/Creator/God/Son of God wrapped in human skin and bone.

Moses brought God’s law. Jesus brings something different – grace (upon grace) and truth.

John goes on – to underline – Jesus is unique – for unlike any of us, he has seen God. John’s readers would certainly have accepted that it is not possible to see God. God’s presence was a reality to them, but hidden.

Jesus was uniquely qualified. He was “with God in the beginning”.

John underlines his claims about Jesus:

Only Son


the closest relationship with God.

He has made him known.

God has spoken through his Word.

He has sent his light and life.

His name is Jesus.


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