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John’s Gospel Post 8: Word Family!

August 12, 2013

“Your mystery is revealed to the universe
The Father Above has proven His love
Now we are free from the judgment that we deserve
So we are called the children of God” – Third Day – Children of God (from the album “Move”)

 John 1:12 & 13

So after the negative of verses 10 and 11, the creator rejected by his creation, we finally have some positive news.

Here God’s Word has stepped into his own world. God himself – the Light – is not even recognised. How could that be possible? If God himself stepped into our world, could we really not notice him? Apparently so. The picture seems to be utterly bleak.

But now for some good news in verse 12. Actually there are some people who recognise God’s Word in their midst. There were those who welcomed him. There were those who believed in him. They heard the Word. They saw the Light. They experienced the Life.

We read earlier that in him was life. And what a life they received. Those who did believe received a new right. Not only did they experience life, but surely more amazingly than that they experienced a new relationship.

A relationship with God. To be children of God. To be able to call God their father. All through belief in the Word. So for the many who missed it completely the benefits were huge for those who listened.

This was no ordinary family life, but people were born of God.

As we said earlier to know God’s words we need to listen to the Word, but so much more we actually get to know God, in relationship.

Time to take notice of the Word – God who became human. There is so much there for us.



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