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John’s gospel post 7: Invisible Light

August 9, 2013

“I will scream in your ear
As you’re passing by
I will wrap my arms around you
You won’t hear, you won’t feel me
I will walk stride for stride with you
I will try to help
When you stumble
You will stumble through me.

I have become the invisible man
It’s all I am
Invisible” – The Invisible Man – Marillion (from the album “Marbles”)

John 1:10 & 11

So the light was coming and now John tells us that this promise became a reality. He was in the world. So what’s the story? What was the announcement. John had given evidence and now the main player is here.

Let’s remind ourselves – he is:

The Word (of God)


The Creator of everything.

The source of life

The Light

God steps into the world. Imagine the flash photography. The press conference. The publicity opportunities. The interviews. The shelves of magazine exclusives. When someone this big arrives you don’t miss it.

Well believe it or not, John tells us that the people of this world didn’t recognise him when he stood in front of them – to communicate God.

People who had been made by him, who bore his maker’s label, had not a clue who he was! Unrecognised and unwelcomed in his world.

You hear whispers of C list celebrities who get allowed into shows without a ticket, because of who they are. If not immediately accepted, they will ask “Do you know who I am?”

Here we have the creator, the manufacturer, the person and voice of God. He could have cried, “Do you know who I am???!!!”

Apparently the answer would have been “Sorry mate, no idea”. God walks in the world he made and those around him are blissfully ignorant of this amazing occurrence.

20 centuries later, and do people even see anything of God in this world? Do they know who he is? Largely, as then, the answer seems to be no.

Anticlimax again.


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