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John’s gospel post 6: light on!

August 8, 2013

John 1:9

Perhaps the arrival then seems like a false alarm. We’ve had the big build up. Perhaps we’re like the hundreds of people recently stood outside the hospital doors waiting for the arrival of the new prince.

The door opens. Yes this is the Word. This is the Light! Everybody cheers. Nurses and staff leaving the hospital. Still time to wait for the prince. John is not the Word. Yes he is sent by God, so he deserves to be listened to but he’s not the One. John the writer makes it clear.

But we don’t have to wait much longer for the door to open and the true light to enter into the daylight.

True light. The Word is God’s communication to us. He is the light that shines. He is truth. And he now joins us here on earth. he has stepped out of God’s presence.

And he’s not exclusive. He’s not just here for a select few. He brings his light to everybody. The darkness in my life can be transformed. Same for you too.

The central character is on stage. God speaks through the Word who walks among us and lights our world. This is no longer theoretical. This is earth shattering life changing.

The Word was God. God is among us. Look and listen!


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