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John’s gospel post 5: People get ready

August 7, 2013

John 1:6-8

So John has introduced the Word aka the Light. The word and light that came from God, from the beginning.

In the next verse John talks about a man sent from God. A man called John. Perhaps the first thing to say is that John is not talking about himself. This is his name sake but the other gospels make clear this is someone quite different to John the writer.

But it all sounds familiar – we have been thinking about God communicating with this world. His word – his light. So it would be easy to think that having spoken in quite abstract poetic terms, this being is now given a name -John. Good solid human name!

John the writer seems to anticipate this. The other John was a witness. Every witness in court has a testimony. He came to give evidence about the Light. Why? So that people would believe. We are not told what they would believe specifically but presumably believe God’s message. The Word’s words. The Light.

As if to make it crystal clear he repeats – this man is not the Light. He is a forerunner. He is preparing the way for the Light. John is not the celebrity.

So important is God’s message in the Word that another is sent ahead of him to tell others and get them ready.

Something big is going to happen here!


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