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John’s Gospel Post 4 – Word Alight!

August 3, 2013

“Yes, we all need some light now

Turn on your light

And wash the darkness away” – Transatlantic – We all need some light (from the album “SMPTe”)

 John 1:4 & 5

So the Word created. Everything.

But there was more to him than just a builder or an artist or an inventor or craftsman. He wasn’t just good with his hands. He wasn’t just a genius. Life itself was in him. He was the life giving source of everything. The very breath of God.

All life – vegetable, animal, mineral is from him. Your life and breath comes from him.

But John adds another quality to the life breathing Word. That life is light – the light of all men. When you see good in people – that too comes from the Word.

In world that often seems dark, where does the light come from? The light source too is the Word – the one who was there at the beginning, The Word is power, the Word is goodness.

And that light shines – for all to see. Verse 5 seems to have 2 possible meanings:

1. The darkness could not understand the Word’s light. The Word would not be appreciated, but would be unwelcome.

2. The darkness could not overcome the Word’s light. However hard they tried to put that light out, they could never succeed.

Both seem to be very true.

The Word – light and life




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