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John’s gospel post 1: The Word

July 29, 2013

“Give the word a chance to say
That the word is just the way
It’s the word I’m thinking of
And the only word is love” – The Beatles – the Word (from the album “Rubber Soul”)

“In the beginning was the Word” – John 1:1

The four gospels all take a different starting point, whether it is the start of Jesus’ ministry or the nativity. John beats them all though with his life story of Jesus. John starts his gospel boldly “In the beginning”. 

John introduces Jesus to us right at the start of his book but right back at the foundations of everything. Right back when there was nothing Jesus was there. As Jesus himself claimed “Before Abraham was, I AM!!”

But as John sets the scene he doesn’t immediately start talking about Jesus. He talks about the Word. What is the Word? Years ago Charades seemed to be the thing. It was even a TV hit with “Give us a clue”. The key is of course that it is about getting across a message – the name of a book, film etc, without speaking. For some people the inability to use words was just too much – they had to speak.

Words are so important to us. Communication without them is so tough. We might be able to give clues but it’s bound to be hard work.

God has given us many clues, particularly in his creation. We can see his glory and greatness. But the time came when God wanted to speak in a fuller way. And so he sent the Word. He sent Jesus, his one and only son. Just as words are my way of communicating with my wife, so Jesus is the way in which God communicates with his creation, with you and me.

If we want to hear what God has to say to us then we need to listen to Jesus.

We can listen to all sorts of voices today. Words come at us from all directions – newspapers, books, texts, emails, Facebook, twitter – so many words. But Jesus brings God’s words.

So why do we tend to listen to everybody but him? We silence the words of Jesus at our peril. As Peter, one of Jesus’ apprentices, would say to Jesus “You have the words of eternal life”. So it’s time to listen. To allow the eternal Word to shape out thinking and our lives.



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