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Boy George

July 24, 2013

“And he will be called wonderful counsellor, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace” – Isaiah 9:6

So there we have it. Not too long to wait.

The prince has a name – George Alexander Louis. Nothing too surprising there. I wondered if we might get an Eric or Dave. No. It’s a king’s name. Good and solid George. It’s regal. But what’s in a name? Would George be any less of a king one day if he was King Eric? King Wayne? Isn’t it about who you are and what you do?

My mind travels back to that boy king in Bethlehem.

He had so many names:

Immanuel – God is with us

Jesus – for he will save his people from their sins

Wonderful counsellor

Mighty God 

Everlasting Father

Prince of peace

Son of David

Lord of Lords

King of Kings

Regal names? For sure. Names that describe everything that the royal baby of Bethlehem was to be and do.

So much attention for Prince George of Cambridge. Maybe rightly so.

What about Jesus – God with us?


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