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Private Investigations

July 7, 2013

Read Psalm 139

It’s been a long time since I started reading through the Psalms. It has seemed like an eternity that I have been in Psalm 119, but I’m still reading on. From song to song, the mood changes from “Shiny Happy People” to “heaven knows I’m miserable now”.

And then the train stops off at platform 139. And it is only right to get off the train and take a long look at the breath taking scenery. I know it’s all the word of God, but surely this is one of the highlights of my journey. Let’s take a look.

Of course the Psalm starts with some “Private Investigations”. It is all about God looking at me. That is rarely a comfortable thought, but we know deep down that there is no way we can cover up. The Psalmist throws the book wide open and invites God to pore through the detail and establish the facts. Is he confident that God will like what he sees? I guess not but there is nowhere to hide even if I want to.

“You know where I am going. You know what I’m about to say”

But then he looks around and God is there. In front and behind, but he doesn’t seem to find God a threat. He talks of God’s reassuring presence.

Rather than bad news this is too wonderful to take in. That wherever I go God goes with me!

The Psalmist imagines running away, but I don’t get the impression it’s because he wants to. Even If he wanted to run away. To the highest of heights, or “Going Underground”. Wherever I try to go God will already be there!

In the darkness or in the light. The darkness is not a barrier to God’s presence.

Nothing I do can surprise the God who made me. He knew me before even my mother and father. Crafted together by God’s hand in the womb. Marvellously made. God knows how I tick physically, emotionally and spiritually. He even knows what lies ahead for me.

There is a zeal to see God’s name uplifted and worshipped and an anger when that is not so.

So the invitation is to a God who knows you infinitely, totally loves you and never leaves you.

Yes God will investigate. Yes he will see the bad and the good, but he is also our guide on a journey that will never end.

So why hide? Better to open ourselves to the love of God


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