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Father of the bride

June 17, 2013

Here’s my speech:

Good evening everyone.

First I would like to thank you all for coming and sharing this momentous day with us, especially those of you from Cornwall who had to pay to get into Devon.

I’d like to say a few words about Becky – largely for John’s benefit, because I want him to understand the quality of the woman he has married today.

John, I have tried to be a good influence on Becky, to share with her those things that are important to me, and to hope some of it will rub off.

My great love is of course rock music, and in particular the music of Genesis. Around the time she was 2, Genesis had brought out their album “We can’t dance”, which contained one of my least favourite songs “I can’t dance”. That tape got played an awful lot as we travelled, at least as much as the nursery rhyme tapes. So much so that as we drove one day, we heard from the back seat, in perfect time “I can’t….I can’t”. What a triumph and indeed this very night her first dance with John will be to….Westlife.

The rest of the time we used to stick her in front of the telly, for a few minutes. Trouble is she wouldn’t move. She would be glued to Dumbo and Pinocchio for hours. Even now John, stick a good DVD on and you’ll make her a happy woman.

John I know you are a football fan. With 2 girls, I thought I was doomed, but Beck showed early promise at the age of 6, when we holidayed in France. She and I would go to watch the matches on the big screen. She cheered England as they scored their 4 goals against Holland. Sadly she showed herself up then by cheering the Dutch goal – but hey it was an easy mistake to make. Later she did go with Sarah and me to see the Argyle, but for some reason that seemed to put her off football.

Beck has always loved animals, apart from turkeys, who are of course particularly scary. And she is unusually polite to our furry friends. At the farm one day, she was heard to say to a goat “Excuse me coat, I want to get past”. She had a special relationship with my brother’s dog Digby and would regularly ask him what he thought of her clothes. Charming but completely balmy.

In spite of all these influences Bev and I are proud to say that Beck has grown up to be a such a caring individual, and is in work which so clearly demonstrates that. And add to that Becky shares her Mum’s gift for washing  and ironing.

I should say something too about John, although I have not known him for so long. It is great to welcome you John officially into our family today.

In the short time we have known John, he has become very special to us. But we never saw it coming. Well actually we did. There’s no fooling Antandbev. When Beck told us she was meeting John for coffee to talk about how they became Christians, we said straight away “It’s a date”. And although Beck denied it, here on this wedding day, I think we’ve been proved right!

John is a nice guy. I was pleasantly surprised when he challenged me to a game of snooker. It was a long time since I had been in those dark places. But, I was even more pleasantly surprised when I beat him. With hindsight I suspect it was less to do with my ability than the fact that he could barely hold his cue because he was so nervous. Nervous because after the snooker he asked my permission to marry my daughter. I was on such a high after winning I duly said yes.

On a day of celebrations like today, there is always though some sadness. It is great that my mum – and Arthur – are here with us but sad to think of grandparents who are not here today because they are no longer with us or, as with Bev’s Mom, too ill to travel. I know that all of them would be very proud of you both.

So Mr & Mrs Carr this is your day. But this is just the start. Beck and John you go with our continued prayers, for your life together. As you set up home in Liskeard, learn a new language, continue to develop in your careers and worship and work together in the church in St Austell, we truly wish you every happiness. Oh and keep in touch!

So family and friends, I would like to end by proposing a toast. Please stand and raise your glasses to



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