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May 29, 2013

“That is Torquay Madam”

“Well it’s not good enough!” – Mrs Richards (Communication Problems, Fawlty Towers)


So yesterday I took my wife shopping. Or actually she took me – all the way to Torquay! A sort of treat for me.

Made a change to be in the passenger seat, although those hedges (and stone walls!) seemed a lot closer than usual. Nice drive to Torquay.

Not quite so nice yesterday. Not a worker to be seen, but roadworks along a long stretch of the road. 20 mile an hour all the way, apparently due to risk of skidding. Not easy driving at 20 is it, especially when there is no evidence as to why you are doing it.

I guess some will carry on doing 40, but not the wife. She keeps to speed limits. Quite rightly. But 20! Why? Can’t see any problems.

All the cars behind were doing 20ish too, but he was behind. You know the one. Man in white van. Unnoticeable to begin with, but then he started honking his horn. And kept on. We assumed he was greeting all his mates.

When we finally parted company at the roundabout at the end of the seemingly interminable 20 mile zone, he played a tune on the horn. What a nice man.

None of us was happy about the slow road, especially as everything seemed to be normal, but we did as we were told. He only kept to the speed limit because he was stuck behind us. He wanted to ignore the signs.

We had to believe the signs were there for a reason. Had the wife speeded and skidded, we wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on. We had been warned.

When people look at Christians they often roll their eyes at the way we are expected to live. It seems to be just about following a load of rules. It seems so restrictive. And like the 20 mph sign there does not appear to be any reason for it. Surely a bit more freedom?

Jesus doesn’t talk about a slow road, but he does talk about a narrow one. To live as a Christian is to make choices. Not always obvious ones. Some times hard ones. Some times even unpopular ones. You may not be understood by the man or woman behind.

But it is about living God’s way, to please him.

Watch the signs.



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