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May 25, 2013

In my journey through the Psalms I have found another favourite place to stop and linger a while. The inspirational no. 103.

A Psalm where some really great verses make up the whole.

First of all a call to praise, not just with my words, but with my whole heart. What does such full on worship look and sound like? Praising the name of God, remembering his goodness.

Sins. Now there’s an unhip word. Sins.

I’ve blogged before about forgiveness and God’s forgiveness for us is vast. For all of us have sinned and failed to meet God’s standard. He forgives sins.

That’s a great theory isn’t it, but maybe hard for you to accept. Maybe your view of yourself is that God would not concern himself with you. “I’m not important” you say, “why would he care about me?” But its personal. He forgives my sins.

But then someone will say, he can’t forgive me. You don’t know what I’ve done. My crime is too great. Forgiveness is unlimited. He forgives ALL my sins.

God is the source of all healing.

He is the life giver who redeems my life from death. Redemption is expensive. But God pays the price, through Jesus’ sacrificial death.

I am crowned with love, mercy and have a life filled with good things. Do you take time to give thanks to God for his love, his mercies (new everyday) and the good things we have?

He renews my youth. As I’ll be 50  this week, I like that one!

God is about righteousness and justice. As Christians that’s what we should be about too.

How do you see God? Angry? Judgemental? Aloof? Punishing? Compassionate. Merciful. Slow to anger. Filled with unfailing love. Not constantly accusing us. Not angry forever. Not punishing us. Not dealing harshly – as we deserve.

His love is great for those who fear him. That love is enormous. Higher than the heavens are above the earth. His love is inexhaustible.

His forgiveness is complete. He has thrown our sins as far away as we can imagine. From one end of the earth to the other (figuratively speaking). You don’t get to see all that rubbish again.

God is our father, a tender father, a compassionate father. He knows all our weaknesses, but that does not stop him loving us.

So where we start with me praising with everything I’ve got we end calling everyone to join in with us. The angels, the whole of creation. But it starts with you and me.



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