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Money or vision

April 12, 2013

“Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa! All the things I could do. If I had a little money…” – Abba (from the album Arrival).

Money. Don’t you just love it? Can’t get enough of it. Okay so Lennon & McCartney said “Money can’t buy me love” but it can buy me pretty much everything else. After all they did also sing “I want money oohoohooh”.

What potential there is when you have money. All the stuff you can get your hands on.

But that’s not the experience for everyone. Money dominates the news, or to be more precise, the lack of it. Yes I’m talking about the R word. Recession. We’re all affected by it. Whole countries are on the brink of bankruptcy. Probably all of us have felt the ill wind of recession, whether it’s in rising food and fuel bills, cuts in the workplace, having to find ways to eat more cheaply, or maybe in your business striving to navigate a course through choppy financial waters. It’s been tough going for a few years.

And as a Christian of course I do not have a crystal ball. I am no expert on stocks and shares and it depends on greater men and women than me to come up with the answers. We used to be able to say as safe as banks. Ahem…

Whilst at Spring Harvest though I was reminded of something even more important to my existence:

God is not in recession

God is not experiencing a triple dip

God is not being downgraded

Yes our God has not changed. His resources remain the same. So whatever challenges we face he can meet them with us. His grace and mercy have not shrunk. His love is still unlimited and everlasting.

The other thing to remember is that God’s power is not in recession. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. The God of the Bible is the God of the here and now. The God who healed the sick, raised the dead and parted the rivers is the same God we worship.

So while for some of us the pound in our pocket is shrunk there is no reason why our vision should shrink. Often as we get older as Christians, we sing “How great is our God” but we’re not quite sure he can do what we need him to do. Maybe it is the financial troubles, maybe an illness in the family. Perhaps we look at a sick world or broken town and we wonder can God do anything. Can my church actually make a difference in the community? I really believe it, yes it can. He is a God who moves mountains. Is our vision tiny? Let’s see things from the point of view of an all powerful, all knowing ever present, unconditionally loving God. Let’s get his vision for our families, friends, colleagues, workplaces, towns, cities, our country and our world. God is not in recession. There! I needed to hear that!


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